Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dolly's website launch


YAY!! Dolly MixMe has gone live and we are so excited!!!!

Already the response has been fantastic and we've had over 150 visitors to the site already!!

Although its been really busy and at times stressful, we have had so much fun in the run up to the launch.

  • A fun filled day of shooting with Misty Chance and our Dolly team resulted in some amazing pictures and a very funny video!

Misty Chance abusing our male model!!

Follow this link to see the 'behind the scenes' video from the day of our shoot
Dolly Photoshoot 'Behind the scenes' video

  • We loved choosing the shoes for the site, what girls wouldnt hey?!! Surrounded by samples with lots of trying on was hard work but someone had to do it!! ha!! We then named them after all our favourite people, have you checked to see if you've had a shoe named after you???
The Rara Spiked shoe boot is a particular favourite of Dolly's!!

  • We are getting involved in The Sparkle Festival this year and cant wait!! We will have a stall in the park on Saturday the 14th July and some of Dolly's products are going to be in the charity fashion show, so we hope to see lots of you gorgeous people there ;-)
Follow this link to the Sparkle website for more info
Sparkle Festival

  • The Dolly Team have been instrumental in making all this possible and without them there would be no website so a massive thanks goes out to all the beautiful and crazy people that have helped in one way or another....
Sammy, King Jim, Ricky, Marc, Misty, MJ, John, Hayley, Ma Moss, Adam, Nicola, Linda, Velvet Duckie, Harriet and Abigail

Here at Dolly Towers we also want to welcome all our new customers and what better way than by giving you discount on your first order?!!
So what are you waiting for? Go Shop and enjoy Dolly MixMe.....

Enter the discount code 'DOLLYVIRGIN' at the checkout for 10% off your first order!!!!

Love Dolly

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